Is one of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world. It ripens late, so it needs hot, dry conditions such as those found in Spain. Wines made from Grenache tend to lack acid, tannin and color, and is usually blended with other varieties.

There are four types of garnacha: blanca, tinta, peluda y tintorera.

garnacha blanca

The garnacha blanca has berries of medium size, round and yellow-green colored. It produces full-bodied wines, straw yellow coloured, and it gives off a scent of floral and fruity aromas.

garnacha tinta

Berries of garnacha tinta are medium in size, oval in shape and dark red in color. This one produces balanced wines, with a primary flavor of jam and spice. It is fleshy on the palate.

garnacha peluda

The garnacha peluda is smaller than others, more acid and its grain has thicker skin. The lower leaf surface is covered by somo fuzziness, from which comes its name.

garnacha tintorera

The cluster of garnacha tintorera is small and conical. Its berries are medium sized, spherical and intense. Their colored flesh serves to give more color to the wine and gives it its name. Its skin is blue almost black.